Silicone Heel Cups

Sizes : Small, medium, large,xl,
Color : .
These Silicone Heel Cup will hlep your feel absorbs shock and returns impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet.
When you walk or run,KINGEVA Silicone Heel Cup bears down and rotates with the normal motion of the foot to absorb the shock.
These just like a strong spring, Pinkiou Silicone Heel Cup returns that energy back for maximum comfort and performance.

1.Relieved your heel pain and alleviate your ankle muscle fatigue.

2.Relieved plantar fasciitis and reduces heel pain as you walk.

3.The blue area contain soft gel support for the center of your heel.Provided soft cushioning while standing or walking. the gel silicone support shock absorbing protection for your heel.

4.Featured dual density soft gel silicone to prevent heel impact and provide even pressure distribution for better all day comfort.

5.Made with PU medical grade gel
silicone,hypoallergenic,non-toxic,non-flammable and odor free.

6.It can be Hand washable, Reusable when it is dirty after you used for many days.