Silicone Medial Arch

Sizes : Small, medium, large,xl
Color : .

Material: Silicone; Color; Blue With Transparentp; Size: 9.7x5.5 cm; Net Weight: Approx. 24g; Self-adhesive with strong stickiness

INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Before applying, ensure that you have adequate room in your footwear to accommodate the insole so that your feet are not restricted tightly in your footwear.

FUNCTIONALITY: Best solution for all kinds of foot disease: Prevents shoes rubbing and sore heels, Ideal for high heels and boots and used for flip flop, etc. free you from foot pains and uncomfort.

HOW IT HELP YOU: Used to elevate the Arch of the foot, to slow down the Arch Pressure on wearing High Heels, reduce damage to the Arch of the foot.

APPLICATION: Silicone Gel orthotic insoles are constructed from a lightweight material with arch supports. These features enable them to provide foot support .