Portable Ultrasound Therapy Unit

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This alternative therapy device uses high energy ultrasonic pulse acoustic sound waves. Waves from the preheated aluminum alloy probe penetrate tissue under the skin of the treatment area to increase flow (commonly known as “vasodilation”). Patients report a painless experience (most feel nothing at all) throughout the duration of treatment. To maximize results, following the included physician-endorsed treatment protocol is strongly recommended.

1. Using painless ultrasonic shock wave technology; patients report little to no sensation (most feel nothing) during treatment.
2. Pre-heating and over-heating protection.This device is designed to preheat to the exact temperature of your body for comfort and ease of use, so you should not feel actual heat from the device at any time. If the temperature of the treatment head exceed that of your body, the device have a safety feature designed to automatically power off the unit until the heating has sufficiently cooled.
3. Load sensing , which will stop the emission of ultrasonic waves when the device breaks contact with the skin of the treatment area.
4. Adjustable 3 intensity(low/middle/high) and 3 (5min/10min/15min)
5. Portable, easy to use and carry.