Lumbar traction Unit With Bed

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Lumbar and Cervical Traction
Digital Traction DT-90 is a modern electro mechanical system that is used for the Traction treatment of the cervical, lumber & ankle areas. The unit produces traction force of 0-45 Kg and with helps of doublers the traction force go up to 90kgs. The unit have seven segment LCD display blue illuminated with all MKB control keys.

- Accurate and sturdy traction device.
- Reliable, durable heavy-duty motor.
- Patient operated safety switch.
- Digital display and LCD indicators
- Available traction bed (Optional)
- Controlled, consistent & repeatable traction force
- Ability to maintain clinically effective forces regardless of patient size
- Quick and easy belting provides comfortable and stable anchoring
- Multiple table adjustments to achieve ideal treatment positioning
- User-defined hold, rest and treatment times