Kinesiology Tape

Sizes : .
Color : Black, Blue, Pink, Beige
K tape is made of high grade cotton fabric, breathable material, stretchy, and maintains flexibility of human skin and muscles. Adhesive is mild and hypoallergenic. Kinesiology tape is a revolutionary elastic sports tape designed to provide pain relief and support for muscles, joints, and tendon related aches and pains. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear and provides targeted pain relief.

Key Benefits:

Athletic Sports Kinesiology Tape is uncut rool of 5m long with tape width of 5cm.

Kinesiology tape supports the muscle’s ability to contract. This can relieve any pain or fatigue felt in the muscle and prevents cramping.

Waterproof: Kinesio Athletic Sports Kinesiology Tape is 100% water & sweat prof.

Using the tape properly will increase the range of motion in your joints and loosen your muscles.

Kinesiology tape works on endogenous analgesic system: there is no medicine or drugs in kinesio tape. It instead works by allowing your body to heal itself, or like the wording itself suggests “endogenous” meaning something that is self-originating and “analgesic” meaning painkiller.

Kinesiology tape promotes and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.This will reduce inflammation in your body’s tissue.

When to use:

1: Muscle spasm or pain.

2: Pain in joints

3: Muscle cramps in active athletes

When not to use:

1: DVT

2: Skin allergies

3: Infection

4: Heart diseases