Hot Water Bottle

Sizes : Universal
Color : Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Blue
RELIEVE BODY ACHES AND PAINS - If you are suffering from muscle soreness or body aches try using a hot water bottle. Simply fill it up with hot water and place it anywhere relief is needed. Heat can ease a range of pains from headaches to cramps.

USE FOR SOOTHNG HEAT THERAPY - Fill the bottle with warm water to ease aches and pains from headaches, cramps, arthritis, toothaches, sore muscles and more. If you feel chilly on a cold night, a hot water bottle is great to use as a bed warmer.

GREAT FOR EVERYONE - Anyone can benefit from using a hot water bottle from athletes to everyday people both young and old. Athletes can use it for muscle recovery and sports injuries while everyday people can use it to relieve minor aches and pains.

EASY TO USE - Using a rubber water bottle is simple. Just unscrew the top of the bottle, fill it 2/3rds full with warm water, and screw on the cap. The water will remain in the bottle and maintain its liquid temperature.

LONG LASTING WARMTH - This classic hot water bottle is built to last. It's red rubber material insulates water, keeping heat from escaping the bottle. It's screw cap securely holds water inside the bottle without the worry of spills.