Eva Yoga Block

Sizes : Universal
Color : Blue, Black, Red
Balance & Stability - Yoga blocks provide the stability and balance needed in your yoga / Pilates sessions to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses, and increased strength.
High Quality Blocks - Made of durable high density EVA foam to provide reliable support even under heavy weight. Slip-resistant surface and beveled edges provide a safe and comfortable grip when exercising.
Extend & Deepen Stretches - Foam blocks make for the ideal yoga prop and companion, as they are an important tool in your practice to help extend, support and deepen your stretches while also working to increase your range of motion. Assists you with your yoga and Pilates routine.
Elevate Your Practice - Take your yoga / Pilates routine to the next level with foam yoga bricks. Dual blocks provide extra support and assist you with proper alignment when trying new yoga poses.
Dimensions: 3 (L) x 9 (W) x 6 (H)
Multi-Use - Use the blocks separately or stacked together, create a range of possibilities for extra height and support. Great for trying new poses and attempting much deeper stretches than you normally can on your own.
Slip Resistant - Perfect for exercising due to its slip resistant and moisture proof material. Exercise and use with confidence knowing that your block will not skid, slide or move while in use.

Modify & Align - Use under your hands, feet, or seat, great for meditation. Safely support poses as your flexibility increases. Don't risk injury, use a block if you feel tight as they help with flexing tight or sore muscles and tendons.
Durable Supportive Foam - These lightweight and supportive foam blocks are constructed of a durable foam with a nonslip surface and beveled edges for easy gripping.
Easy to Clean & Maintain - Spot clean with mild detergent towel or air dry. Easy to clean with disinfecting wipes or microfiber hand towels.