Over the Door Shoulder Pulley

Sizes : Universal
Color : White

Simple, Effective Device. This overhead pulley system stretches out your muscles, allowing you to build up strength in your upper arms and shoulders. In addition to toning your muscles, it’s an ideal, rehabilitation tool, perfect for strengthening and properly rehabilitating arm and shoulder muscles to help you regain full range of movement in no time at all.

Start Exercising in an Instant. Easily and securely fit the pulley over most interior doors with the metal bracket. Designed to prevent scratches and other damage to the door surface, and is light in weight so you can take it with you anywhere to exercise when needed.the rope so you can see how much progress you’ve made. Slowly increase or limit the range of motion using these stoppers for safe and effective shoulder exercise.

Comfortable Workout Equipment. Large foam handles offer optimal comfort and a firm grip when you’re exercising. A safe, effective and inexpensive way to work out, this pulley system is great for doing a variety of exercises, stimulating your muscles and building up muscle tone.

Exercise to Relieve Pain. Exercising is essential if you recently suffered an injury, had surgery or have chronic pain from arthritis or tendonitis add this Pulley to your Physical Therapy Equipment.. Safely increase your mobility and perform any move you like with this simple exercise tool, while you’re comfortable sitting down in a chair or standing up.
Choice of Setup. Working out no longer has to be a hassle. The BodyHealt Overhead Shoulder Pulley is available in two convenient options – with a metal door bracket or a webbing door strap. Choose the one that works best for you so you can set it up the way you like.