Sam Splint

Sizes : Medium, Large
Color : Orange
Initial state is soft,can be changed into different shape by hand. Feel free to use scissors to cut it into different size to fit different parts of body and different body of person(can be cut into finger splint).

The unrolled split measures 36" x 4.3", but when rolled up it only takes up significantly less space. The roll is only 3" x 4.3" and can easily be stored in backpacks, first aid kits, or vehicles.

The aluminum core housed between the outer foam shell is substantially lighter and more flexible than other plaster or fiberglass splits, and is also radiolucent, allowing Xrays to be performed without having to remove the splint.

Waterproof, Reusable, Compact, latex Free,Durable with a long shelf life,And easy to clean.

Very bright orange, so you can find it immediately, save time to achieve the effect of first aid.