Foot Drop Splint -Left/Right

Sizes : Small, medium, large, xl
Color : White, Beige
Foot Drop Splint from Samson is designed to provide sturdy support to the foot and improve the healing process. The foot splint is made of high-quality resilient polypropylene material that can be worn inside normal shoes. The anatomically designed splint allows even weight distribution that helps with faster healing as it helps to keep the foot in dorsiflexion position. The foot splint provides the push that a person needs while walking through a unique strong leaf spring action. It has a full soleplate that helps to provide better support to the entire foot and ensures proper pressure distribution to reduce the pain. It has soft padding in the calf and the straps to ensure maximum comfort with enhanced cushioning. It helps to reduce plantar flexion impact in early stance. The lightweight construction makes it an ideal solution for drop foot and is ideal for both men and women.