Lumbar Support Cushion
Sizes : Universal
Color : Grey, Black
STOP SUFFERING FROM PAINFUL SITTING: Give your loved ones a simple, natural and effective way to relieve pain this season. Samson Back Rest Pillows are recommended by doctors and physiotherapists worldwide as effective for pain relief in Back, Neck, Hips & Spinal regions.

REDUCE PRESSURE ON THE BACK & POSTURE CORRECTOR: If you struggle with back pain you’ll benefit from a carefully considered Back Rest Pillow/ Cushion; A perfect back rest for pain. Effective as a sitting pillow and office chair cushion the polycarbonate "S" Shaped Frame with Polyurethane Foam aids healing by better blood flow and pressure relief on sensitive back area, so now you won’t wince when you sit for long hours in your office or when travelling to your favourite destination.

UNIQUE & ATTRACTIVE: It boasts of a unique attractive design and colour combination, so as to suit any situation/ place - be it office, home or in the car.

REALIGNS SPINE & REDISTRIBUTES PRESSURE: The device helps to correct your posture while you sit, and to realign you spine, taking weight and pressure off your lower back and redistributing it evenly. It helps maintain a healthy posture.

FIRM SUPPORTIVE, PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, Machine Washable & Removable Cover: Please note this pillow is FIRM as it needs to be adequately supported.You can use in your home office as a cushion for back pain, on the road as a car seat cushion or as a wheelchair pillow. People having no medical problem can use it as chair cushion.